Contemporary Kitchens Design

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Contemporary kitchens design - discover our contemporary kitchens which have handleless cabi doors to create a truly modern kitchen contemporary kitchens tend to be described as modern minimalist and geometric the characteristics include horizontal lines asymmetry and a lack of molding and other ornamentation cutting edge design our contemporary kitchen design features a lesson in restraint bringing classic design elements right up to date our bespoke contemporary kitchens are integrated solutions to cook of a perfect functionality but still bearers of a style and of a culture of the project that be es an obvious expression of a contemporary concept of lifestyle a poliform kitchen is a design symphony of quality materials meticulously italian crafted details and technical sophistication all beautifully in tune with your needs with their minimalist cabi ry neutral color palettes and metallic accents these contemporary kitchens.

have a subtle elegance that will never go out of style pediniusa italian design kitchens cabi s bathrooms european living pedini italy has been manufacturing modern cabi s kitchens since 1950 and became well known for utilizing contemporary kitchen cabi s design and technology the freshest thing in your kitchen should be your kitchen good taste never goes out of style and neither do our kitchens pedini upholds a unique mitment to enduring design with sleek functionality upgrades developed in collaboration with our tribeca based team of consultants and our italian designers the dominant geometric shapes in most kitchens are the four sided variety from rectangular cabi ry to square appliances but it is a triangle albeit an imaginary one that has always been an important element of a kitchen s design and functionality as an interior designer i ve had a chance to work with several cabi.

panies and i can certainly say old world kitchens is my 1 stop when i have a client needing cabi ry of the highest quality